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Perkins TC 6.354 Oil Pumps

Original price £50.00 - Original price £70.00
Original price
£50.00 - £70.00
Current price £50.00

We offer two quality aftermarket oil pumps fitted on Perkins TC 6.354

Type 1 - to fit TC build codes:

TC00199, TC00206, TC00207, TC00214, TC00215, TC00216, TC00217, TC00219, TC00232, TC00314, TC00331, TC00332, TC00337, TC00338, TC07278, TC07374, TC07429, TC07759, TC08614, TC08662, TC08663, TC20073, TC20102, TC20102LX, TC20120, TC20146, TC20298, TC20554, TC20687, TC20914, TC21058, TC21156, TC21216, TC21216LX, TC21257, TC21257LX, TC21285, TC21326, TC21326LX, TC21364, TC21457, TC21457LX, TC21702, TC21746, TC21773, TC21811, TC21811LX, TC21880, TC21933, TC21957, TC22115, TC22231, TC22301, TC22301LX, TC22460, TC22710, TC8380LX

Type 2 - to fit TC build codes:

TC00237 TC00306 TC00372 TC00373 TC00390 TC00391 TC07653 TC07939 TC13575 TC13575LX TC13607 TC13607LX TC20243 TC20459 TC20571 TC20651 TC20928 TC20959 TC21020 TC21047 TC21192 TC21321 TC21375 TC21641 TC21884 TC21885 TC22042 TC22042LX TC22112 TC22266 TC22266RX TC22276 TC22276LX TC22460 TC22544

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