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Perkins 4.203 Top Gasket Set

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A very comprehensive set of aftermarket gaskets and seals for the top end of Perkins 4.203. Note that Perkins made two distinct versions, with early types having 'indirect' combustion chambers and being called Perkins 4.203 and later versions having 'direct' combustion chambers and being called Perkins D4.203. The top gasket sets for each engine are different as can be seen from the photos above, and the easiest way to check which version you have is to look for the triangular three bolted combustion chamber covers, which are only present on the inlet manifold side of early Perkins 4.203 engines. Also note that Perkins 4.203 engines have engine codes starting 203... or JD...., whilst Perkins D4.203 engines codes start with JE....

Our set includes

  • Top quality copper cylinder head gasket
  • inlet manifold gasket
  • Exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Rocker cover cork gasket
  • Combustion chamber gaskets ('indirect' version only)
  • Cylinder head front and rear water jacket gaskets
  • Set of injector copper washers
  • Thermostat housing gaskets
  • Water pump gaskets

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