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Perkins 4.107M Engine Mounts

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High quality aftermarket engine mounts for Perkins 4.107M marine engines. Fitting the correct type of mount for the weight and use of your engine is crucial in not only maintaining structural safety, but also reducing to a minimum the transmission of engine vibration. We have extensively researched options for replacing the original engine mounts on Perkins 4.108 marine engines and are pleased to now offer these robust engine mounts. They offer the following advantage over alternatives.

  • Minimised width of the mount base (6 cm) enables mounting on the narrowest of engine beds.
  • Heavy duty anodised steel construction (we do not recommend stainless steel alternatives, as they will crack over time).
  • The top part of the hood has a cross-shaped stamp, which improves its stiffness in mobile applications and also improves the evacuation of splash from oils or liquids.
  • The hood or (cap) also protects the rubber from dripping oil, diesel, ozone and ultraviolet
  • Anodised height adjuster studs and fittings are available.
  • Designed to counteract fore and aft propulsion thrust.
  • 'Failsafe' design means that the mounting cap cannot tear away from the base.
  • Available in two rubber 'shore' options (the shore rating is the hardness of the rubber) and we recommended fitting four of our 55 shore mounts for both the front and rear of the engine where no gearbox is attached. Where a gearbox is also attached, we recommend two of our 55 shore mounts for the front mounts and two of our 65 shore mounts for the rear mounts.
  • 55 shore mount maximum (single mount) load 70 Kg
  • 65 shore mount maximum (single mount) load 90 Kg

Deflection details:

Deflection in mm 55 Shore 65 Shore
1.5mm 30kg load 40kg load
2mm 40kg load 55kg load
3mm 60kg load 80kg load
3.5mm 70kg load 90kg load


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