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Perkins 100 Series Fuel Stop Solenoid

Original price £43.99 - Original price £43.99
Original price
£43.99 - £43.99
Current price £43.99
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Quality aftermarket Perkins 100 series Fuel stop solenoid with 'O' seal , to fit the following build codes.

  • KA30213 KA30214 KA30215 KA30283 KA30284 KA30285 KA30286 KA30289 KA30290 KA50348 KA50379 KA70249 KA80580 KA80610 KA80661

  • KB30216 KB30217 KB30218 KB30219 KB30220 KB30221 KB30222 KB30223 KB30224 KB30270 KB30271 KB50350 KB70238 KB80649

  • KC30201 KC30203 KC30205 KC30206 KC30209 KC30210 KC30225 KC30226 KC30227 KC30228 KC30229 KC30230 KC30233 KC30234 KC30235 KC30236 KC70205 KC70212 KC80439 KC80462

  • KD30202 KD30204 KD30207 KD30208 KD30211 KD30212 KD30237 KD30238 KD30238J KD30238U KD30239 KD30239J KD30239U KD30240 KD30240J KD30240U KD30241 KD30241J KD30242 KD30242J KD30245 KD30245J KD30245U KD30246 KD30246J KD30246U KD30247 KD30247-1 KD30247J KD30248 KD30248J KD31400U KD31401U KD31404U KD31452U KD50300 KD50316 KD50316J KD50316U KD50326 KD50326J KD50326U KD50332 KD50382 KD50382J KD50382U KD50552 KD50552J KD50552U KD50559 KD50559J KD50637U KD50728U KD50770U KD50791U KD50834U KD51135U KD51259U KD51297U KD70233 KD70260 KD70377U KD70404U KD70460U KD70471U KD70515U KD70524U KD70556U KD80412 KD80412J KD80412U KD80507 KD80507J KD80507U KD80513 KD80513J KD80513U KD80578 KD80578J KD80578U KD80586 KD80589 KD80620 KD80620J KD80620U KD80668 KD80668J KD80668U KD80682 KD80694 KD80694J KD80694U KD80878U KD80917U KD81001U KD81167U KD81252U KD81340U KD81354U KD81361U

  • KE30259 KE30260 KE30260J KE30260U KE30261 KE30261J KE30261U KE30262 KE30262J KE30262U KE30263 KE30263J KE30263U KE30274 KE30274J KE30274U KE31406U KE31407U KE31408U KE31453U KE50311 KE50323 KE50334 KE50335 KE50335J KE50335U KE50390 KE50390J KE50390U KE50397 KE50397J KE50397U KE50413 KE50563 KE50563U KE50570U KE50638U KE50699U KE50744U KE50758J KE50772U KE50792U KE50835U KE70244 KE70288 KE70409U KE70461U KE70483U KE70509U KE80414 KE80414J KE80414U KE80480 KE80482 KE80488 KE80541 KE80558 KE80558J KE80558U KE80590 KE80635 KE80635J KE80635U KE80962U KE81002U KE81102U KE81186U KE81208U KE81362U

  • KF50410 KF50414 KF50470 KF50470J KF70261 KF70261J KF80697

  • KG30249 KG30250 KG30251 KG30252 KG30253 KG30272 KG50301 KG80579

  • KH30254 KH30255 KH30256 KH30257 KH30258 KH30273 KH50318 KH50402 KH50409 KH50501 KH50540 KH50564 KH70247 KH80413 KH80440 KH80463 KH80475

  • KL30317 KL30317J KL30317U KL30318 KL30318J KL30318U KL30319 KL30319J KL30319U KL30320 KL30320J KL30320U KL30321 KL30322 KL30323 KL30323J KL30323U KL30324 KL30324J KL30324U KL30325 KL30325J KL30325U KL30326 KL30326J KL30326U KL50380 KL50380J KL50380U KL50434 KL70264 KL70275 KL70319 KL70372 KL70372J KL70372U KL70373 KL70373J KL70373U KL81272J KL81401J

  • KR30330 KR30331 KR30331J KR30331U KR30332 KR30332J KR30332U KR30333 KR30333J KR30333U KR30334 KR30334J KR30334U KR30335 KR30335J KR30335U KR31409U KR31410U KR31411U KR31455U KR50433 KR50433J KR50433U KR50562 KR50562J KR50562U KR50565 KR50565J KR50565U KR50579U KR50614U KR50639U KR50677U KR50682U KR50736U KR50773U KR50774J KR50793U KR50794U KR50836U KR70273 KR70273J KR70273U KR70287 KR70287J KR70287U KR70371U KR70378U KR70385U KR70418U KR70480U KR70481U KR70487U KR70491U KR70494U KR70508U KR70571U KR80623 KR80667 KR80667J KR80667U KR80669 KR80669J KR80669U KR80701 KR80701J KR80701U KR80748 KR80748J KR80748U KR80749 KR80749J KR80749U KR80758 KR80830 KR80830J KR80830U KR80877U KR81181U KR81236U KR81253U KR81430U

UK, European and Worldwide delivery available.