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Volvo Penta TMD22 Engine Mounts

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Aftermarket Volvo Penta TMD22 marine engines replacement engine mounts. These mounts have a 'stiffness' rating of (45 shore) are correct for the weight of this engine thus maintaining structural safety, but also reducing to a minimum the transmission of engine vibration.

  • Heavy duty anodised steel construction (we do not recommend stainless steel alternatives, as they will crack over time).
  • Designed to counteract fore and aft propulsion thrust.
  • Failsafe design means that the mounting cap cannot tear away from the base.
  • 45 'Shore' rubber in these mounts (the shore rating is the hardness of the rubber), means that they will minimise vibration transmission from the engine.
  • High tensile bolt included or
  • Height adjuster option available

Deflection details:

Deflection in mm 45 Shore
1.5mm 35kg load
2mm 45kg load
3mm 65kg load
4mm 90kg load
5mm 120kg load

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