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Perkins Phaser 1006 Series Alternator

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£95.00 - £219.00
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High quality aftermarket Perkins Phaser 1006 alternators with earth return, fit all versions (including marine) of these engines set up for a 'three lug' mounted alternator or 'two bolt'. The adjuster arm securing bolt is at a 120 or 180 degree angle to the mounting arms as can be seen from the photos and diagram and note that the mounting bolt is on the right. These alternators take the earth (-) connection from the mounting to the engine block. Whereas the 'isolated earth' alternator requires a separate cable to supply an earth. Electrical output connections are for battery (+) and alternator warning lamp and an AC terminal for a tachometer.

For the alternators not supplied with pulleys the existing one can be re-used.

*Please choose the option above with the right electrical feature, either the Earth or Insulated Return alternator type

Please contact us if you need more info about all of the options we list
- 12V 65A With Pulley, Right Hand is supplied with cooling fan and pulley (72 mm) for Belt Width 7/16" Inch (12 mm)

The Right-hand mounting with 65 or 85A and the Earth return fits:

  • YA - 1006-6
  • YB - 1006-6T
  • YD - 1006-6TW
  • YG - 1006-60
  • YH - 1006-60T
  • YK - 1006-60TW

The Right-hand mounting with 100A and Earth return fits:

  • YB - 1006-6T
  • YH - 1006-60T
  • YK - 1006-60TW

*We include with the kit a packet of the correct electrical spade connectors and also a wiring diagram to help with fitting.

These alternators are supplied by official aftermarket manufacturers such as Prestolite, USA based and a world leader in automotive charging systems, or one of the BOSCH group of companies.

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