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Perkins Phaser 1004 Alternator Belt

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Genuine OE Perkins alternator belts which are the correct fitments for Perkins Phaser 1004 engines. *Please note that there are different belt lengths on these engines (make sure you check the the sizes before placing the order).

Option 1 - genuine belt produced by 'Perkins' with size 13 mm x 1275 mm, to fit Phaser 1004 build codes:

  • AA - 1004-4 with engine no. AA70340, AA70343, AA70364
  • AB - 1004-4T (AB70347 AB70365)
  • AF - 1004-40S (AF81232)
  • AG - 1004-4 (AG37503 AG37504 AG37505 AG37506 AG37546 AG37552 AG37553 AG37554 AG37555 AG37556 AG37557 AG37560 AG37607 AG37618 AG37730 AG37743 AG37822 AG50567 AG50568 AG50569 AG50612 AG50797 AG50844 AG50845 AG51038 AG51040 AG51041 AG60085 AG81212 AG81302 AG81307 AG81332)
  • AH - 1004-4T (AH37521 AH37522 AH37523 AH37535 AH37539 AH37540 AH37547 AH37562 AH37563 AH37564 AH37565 AH37566 AH37567 AH37568 AH37572 AH37573 AH37728 AH37823 AH37999 AH50546 AH50613 AH50798 AH50846 AH50847 AH51039 AH51042 AH51043 AH60083 AH70359 AH81247)
  • AS - 1004-42 (AS37533 AS37550 AS37551 AS37647 AS50675 AS50693 AS70435 AS70456 AS70570)


Option 2 - genuine belt produced by 'Perkins' with size 13 mm x 1300 mm, to fit Phaser 1004 build codes:

  • AA - 1004-4 for engine no. AA37585, AA50550
  • AB - 1004-4T (AB35002, AB35064, AB50999, AB70349, AB70382, AB80809)
  • AG - 1004-4 (AG37558, AG37960)
  • AH - 1004-4T (AH37569, AH37959)
  • AK - 1004-40T (AK36006 AK36019 AK36020 AK36049 AK36089 AK36225 AK36291 AK36500 AK36604 AK37081 AK37113 AK50976 AK70394 AK81184)
  • AM - 1004-40TW (AM36103 AM36226 AM36292 AM36421 AM36554 AM37105 AM70514)
  • AR - 1004-42 (AR36238 AR36245 AR36253 AR36557 AR70422 AR70424 AR70426 AR70432 AR70434)
  • AS - 1004-42 (AS37710)


Option 3 - standard belt produced by 'Perkins' with size 13 mm x 1475 mm, to fit Phaser 1004 build codes:

  • AJ - 1004-40 for engine no. AJ36208, AJ36211
  • AK - 1004-40T (AK36613, AK36863, AK36870, AK36884, AK37021, AK37207, AK81029)
  • AM - 1004-40T (AM36864, AM36871, AM50789)
  • AR - 1004-42 (AR36311, AR36415, AR36458, AR36490, AR36498, AR36749, AR36828, AR36862, AR36919, AR37166, AR37751, AR50674, AR50679, AR50681, AR50754, AR81148, AR81155)


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