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Perkins 6.354 Gasket & Seal Kit For Injector Pumps

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A set of aftermarket gaskets and seals to overhaul your CAV DPA fuel pump on your Perkins 6.354

We stock the mechanically governed version of this pump, suitable for the engine codes:

  • TC 6.354 with the following engine no. TC00214, TC00215, TC00219, TC07278, TC07374, TC07759, TC13575, TC13575LX, TC13607, TC13607LX, TC20298, TC20459, TC20687, TC20914, TC20959, TC21047, TC21156, TC21192, TC21216, TC21216LX, TC21257, TC21257LX, TC21285, TC21375, TC21457, TC21457LX, TC21702, TC21811, TC21811LX, TC21884, TC21885, TC21933, TC22115, TC22301, TC22301LX, TC22460
  • TE T6.354 for engine no. TE20596, TE20597, TE20600, TE22097
  • TG 6.3541 for engine no. TG00360, TG21428, TG21855, TG22572, TG22577, TG22577LX, TG22585, TG22819
  • TU T6.3544 for engine no. TU33008, TU33014, TU33017, TU33018, TU33092, TU33360, TU50060, TU50061
  • TW 6.3544 for engine no. TW50162, TW50163, TW80242

The kit is very comprehensive and includes the following:

  • paper, rubber and cork gaskets
  • rubber lip seal
  • various 'O' rings
  • internal filter
  • various copper and aluminium washers
  • various lock and tab washers
  • ball bearing
  • nuts
  • locking wire and security cap
  • driveshaft keys
  • rubber olives
  • set of outlet storage caps

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