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Perkins 6.354 Alternator Belt

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£12.00 - £14.00
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Genuine OE alternator belts which are the correct fitments for Perkins 6.354 engines.

*Please note that there are different belt lengths on these engines (make sure you check the sizes before placing the order).

Belt size 13 mm x 1300 mm produced by 'Perkins' to fit the 6.354 build codes:

  • TC - 6.354 for engine no. TC00237, TC00306, TC21156, TC21321, TC21375
  • TE - T6.354 (TE00262, TE00278, TE00302, TE00303, TE08861, TE09846, TE09847, TE21286, TE21287)
  • TU - T6.3544 with engine no. (TU30048 TU30059 TU30066 TU33025 TU33028 TU33029 TU33034 TU33044 TU33045 TU33046 TU33063 TU33065 TU33068 TU33075 TU33076 TU33081 TU33082 TU33083 TU33103 TU33304 TU33322 TU33332 TU33334 TU33349 TU33350 TU33353 TU33382 TU33387 TU33389 TU33393 TU33394 TU33395 TU33396 TU33397 TU33401 TU33402 TU33404 TU33409 TU50064 TU50112 TU65011F TU65015F TU65016F TU65043F TU65046F TU65047F TU65048F TU65049F TU65053F TU65054F TU65055F TU65056F TU65059F TU65061F TU65067F TU65075F TU65078F TU65080F TU65090F TU65091F TU65100F TU65114F TU65116F TU65117F TU65124F)
  • TW - 6.3544 with engine no. (TW33186 TW33341 TW33342 TW33343 TW33344 TW33345 TW33358 TW33366 TW33367 TW33376 TW33377 TW33386 TW33392 TW33400 TW33408 TW50111 TW65001F TW65002F TW65003F TW65004F TW65005F TW65006F TW65007F TW65008F TW65009F TW65037F TW65064F TW65065F TW65069F TW65076F TW65077F TW65099F TW65102F TW65115F TW65118F TW70026 TW80122 TW80152)

Belt size 13 mm x 1475 mm produced by 'Perkins' to fit the 6.354 build codes:

  • TC - 6.354 for engine no. TC00214, TC07374, TC22710
  • TJ - 6.3542 (only on Berliet GL750 truck with engine no. TJ22491)
  • TU - T6.3544 with engine no. TU33580, TU50166, TU80116
  • TW - 6.3544 with engine no.: TW09319F. TW30003. TW30011. TW30028. TW31087. TW31108. TW31147. TW33010. TW33040. TW33106. TW33122. TW33156. TW33302. TW33551. TW33572. TW33668. TW50022. TW80029. TW80176. TW80189. TW80308. TW80502

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