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Perkins 4.236 Engine Overhaul Kit

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£395.00 - £395.00
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A comprehensive quality aftermarket overhaul kit for naturally aspirated Perkins 4.236 engines with a build code beginning 236 or LD. (For Turbo engines see alternative listing). This kit is put together by ourselves from our detailed knowledge of these engines. They are exceptionally well engineered and represent excellent value. Kit includes:

  • Cylinder liners x 4 - (flanged liners (slip fit) are supplied finished). Flanged unfinished liners may be available on request.
  • x4, 5 Ring pistons with flat combustion Bowl. Other pistons are used in 4.236 engines. Please contact us with your engine number if your engine is fitted with a different piston.
  • Gudgeon (wrist) pins x 4
  • Gudgeon pin circlips x 8
  • Piston ring sets x 4
  • Small end bushes x 4
  • Camshaft bush x 1
  • Con rod bearing set (4 pairs)
  • Main bearing set (5 pairs)
  • Thrust washer set
  • Core plugs x 16
  • Conrod bolts and nuts x 8
  • Top gasket set - includes valve seals, injector copper washers, and upgraded rocker cover gasket manufactured using nitrile rubber.
  • Cylinder head gasket - top quality and lined with silicon water jacket sealant
  • Lucas assembly lube (only supplied with UK orders)
  • Bottom gasket set - very comprehensive set including gaskets for both types of sump pan options
  • Front and rear oil seals - includes early rope and later rear lip seal

Cylinder Liner information. We offer 3 types of liner for this engine. Before choosing a liner you must remove your existing liner form the cylinder block as identification is difficult while installed. Replace 'like for like' See photos for help in identifying your liner type. Also see

  • 1. A plain unfinished parallel side press fit liner - this liner will need to be bored and honed once fitted. External diameter 103.2mm (4.062") You cannot replace this type liner with a flanged, finished liner.
  • 2. Flanged, pre-finished liner with a 103.2mm (4.062") external diameter
  • 3. Flanged, pre-finished liner with a 104.2mm (4.102") external diameter

To help you choose main bearing and connecting rod bearing sizes, please note the following information

  • Main bearing journals (standard) 2.9984/2.9992"
  • Crankpin journal diameter (standard) 2.4988/2.4996"

Please note we are unable to supply a kit for the Gas version of this engine with a build code beginning LE for the shown price.

UK, European and Worldwide shipping available.

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