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Perkins 1100 Series Alternator Belt

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Genuine OE Perkins alternator belts which are the correct fitment for Perkins 1100 series engines. *Please note that there are different belt lengths on these engines (make sure you check the sizes before placing the order).

Belt size 13 mm x 1275 mm, to fit Perkins 1100 engine build codes:

  • DC - 1103C-33 with engine no. DC38768
  • NH - 1104D-E44T with engine no. NH75059, NH75365, NH81936
  • NJ - 1104D-E44TA (NJ38694, NJ38882, NJ38992, NJ70949, NJ75055, NJ81933, NJ82001, NJ82053, NJ82085)
  • NL - 1104D-44T (NL38825, NL38827, NL38836, NL38902, NL38924, NL38925, NL51742, NL51743, NL70828, NL70948, NL75000, NL75060, NL75096, NL75153, NL75481R, NL81994, NL82135, NL82159, NL82234, NL82326)
  • NM - 1104D-44TA (NM51744, NM51745, NM70827, NM75039, NM75039R, NM75247, NM75392, NM75655R, NM75656R, NM82133, NM82134, NM82325, NM82501, NM82567)
  • RE - 1104C-44 (RE37938, RE38088, RE38213, RE38293, RE38303, RE38303R, RE38344, RE38471)
  • RG - 1104C-44T (RG38043, RG38044, RG38099, RG38100, RG38166, RG38194, RG38205, RG38304, RG38304R, RG38332, RG38399, RG75486R, RG75487R, RG81652)
  • RH - 1104C-E44T (RH38009, RH81490)
  • RJ - 1104C-44TA (RJ38227, RJ38294, RJ81371, RJ81375)
  • RK - 1104C-E44TA (RK81395)
  • RR - 1104A-44 (RR81598, RR81598R)


Belt size 13 mm x 1300 mm, to fit Perkins 1100 engine build codes:

  • DD - 1103C-33T with engine no. DD38358
  • DK - 1103A-33T with engine no. DK60160B
  • NH - 1104D-E44T with engine no. NH38458, NH38464, NH38885
  • NK - 1104D-44 (NK75064, NK75114, NK75391, NK82033, NK82058, NK82337)
  • NL - 1104D-44T (NL38820 NL38827 NL38848 NL38870 NL38870R NL38903 NL38955 NL51697 NL75021 NL75037 NL75078 NL75115 NL75132 NL75163 NL75306 NL75307 NL75332 NL81849 NL81924 NL82051 NL82052 NL82117 NL82125)
  • NM - 1104D-44TA (NM38821 NM75035 NM75035R NM75051 NM75185 NM75480R NM75571R NM81932)
  • RE - 1104C-44 (RE37884 RE37895 RE38031 RE38068 RE38094 RE38098 RE38155 RE38167 RE38171 RE38211 RE38285 RE38292 RE38295 RE38389 RE38411 RE38679 RE38901 RE51446 RE81658)
  • RG - 1104C-44T (RG37865 RG37880 RG37885 RG37970 RG38066 RG38067 RG38148 RG38151 RG38165 RG38221 RG38232 RG38241 RG38269 RG38329 RG38410 RG38497 RG38500 RG38577 RG38577R RG38578 RG38578R RG38701 RG38769 RG38770 RG75367 RG75367R RG75386 RG75387 RG81397 RG81412 RG81657 RG81661)
  • RH - 1104C-E44T (RH37825 RH37964 RH38327 RH38345 RH38354 RH38357 RH81542)
  • RJ - 1104C-44TA (RJ37835 RJ38004 RJ38156 RJ38262 RJ38274 RJ38382 RJ38452 RJ38777 RJ51155 RJ51156 RJ51158 RJ51158R RJ51159 RJ51162 RJ51162R RJ51167 RJ51168 RJ51169 RJ51170 RJ51171 RJ51172 RJ51173 RJ51174 RJ51175 RJ51175R RJ51176 RJ51177 RJ51178 RJ51179 RJ51180 RJ51181 RJ51330 RJ51338 RJ51338B RJ51339 RJ51339B RJ51340 RJ51340B RJ51386 RJ51402 RJ51405 RJ51406 RJ51407 RJ51407R RJ51408 RJ51408R RJ51437 RJ51451 RJ51555 RJ51555R RJ51556 RJ51557 RJ51558 RJ51560 RJ51560R RJ51561 RJ60149B RJ60150B RJ70630 RJ70631 RJ70632 RJ75222 RJ75222R RJ75345 RJ81411 RJ81723 RJ81764 RJ81768 RJ81782 RJ81783 RJ81795 RJ81796 RJ81797 RJ81814 RJ81816 RJ82183 RJ82191)
  • RK - 1104C-E44TA (RK37878, RK38272, RK38484, RK38586, RK70640)
  • RR - 1104A-44 (RR60131, RR60131B)
  • RS - 1104A-44T (RS51630, RS60130, RS60130B, RS81729)


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