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Perkins 103.07 Engine Overhaul Kit - Composite Head Gasket (1.3mm)

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£335.99 - £335.99
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A comprehensive aftermarket kit which includes the major components that you will need to overhaul your tired and smoking Perkins 103.07

This overhaul kit includes the following parts:

  • Pistons x 3
  • Gudgeon pins x 3
  • Gudgeon pin circlips x 6
  • Piston ring sets x 3
  • Big end bearing set x1
  • Main bearing set x1
  • Main bearing bush x1
  • Complete gasket set - includes valve seals and injector copper washers
  • Choice of either steel or composite head gasket *
  • Raw water pump end plate gaskets
  • Front and rear crankshaft oil seals
  • Tube of quality gasket sealant
  • Lucas assembly lube

We strive to offer the most comprehensive 100 series overhaul kits available, using our detailed knowledge of this engine. For example, our gasket sets are manufactured to our specifications using the highest quality gasketing materials. This overhaul kit represents excellent value compared to Perkins retail prices.

Pistons are supplied as standard or +0.5mm. Main bearings and connecting rod bearings are supplied as either standard, -0.25mm or -0.5mm. To help you choose, please note the following information below.

  • Bore size 67.00/67.02mm (standard)
  • Main bearing journal diameters 42.96-42.97mm and 45.95/45.96mm(standard)
  • Crankpin journal diameter 34.96/34.97mm (standard)

N.B. It is important you choose the correct head gasket. They are not interchangeable and fitting the wrong gasket will result in engine damage.

UK delivery is by courier, European and Worldwide shipping is also available.

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