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Perkins 4.99 Top Gasket Set

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£42.00 - £50.00
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Perkins 4.99 Top Gasket Set, a very comprehensive set of quality aftermarket gaskets and seals for the top end of your Perkins 4.99

We strive to offer the most comprehensive Perkins 4.99 top gasket set available, using our detailed knowledge of this engine. This set is manufactured to our specifications using the highest quality gasketing materials and represents excellent value.

  • Cylinder head gasket - top quality copper head gasket
  • Inlet manifold gaskets for both five and seven bolt versions
  • Water thermostat housing gaskets - three options
  • Rocker cover cork gasket - with option for upgrade
  • Choose from either the standard cork gasket or our nitrile upgrade option. The standard gasket is a high quality nitrile impregated cork rocker cover gasket. Our upgraded gasket has been specially manufactured for us from 100% nitrile rubber. This upgrade provides a long lasting gasket that is less likely to deform and has the added benefit of being oil and fuel resistant.
  • Two exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Exhaust downpipe gasket (automotive/industrial)
  • Exhaust manifold outlet gasket (marine)
  • Eight inlet and exhaust valve oil seals
  • Four inlet valve 'o' ring oil seals
  • Four injector copper washers
  • Eight injector drip rail aluminium washers
  • Two rocker cover rubber seals
  • tube of semi-hardening cylinder head gasket sealant
  • Our own datasheet, with head bolt tightening sequence, torques and valve tappet settings

Price up a top gasket set from your Perkins dealer at £70!

UK, European and Worldwide shipping available.