Engine number location

Where to find your engine number ...

Perkins 4.108 and 4.107 - The engine number is stamped on the flange immediately in front of the fuel injection pump, as shown on the picture below ...


Perkins 4.236 and 4.238 - On early engines, the engine number is stamped on a machined pad on the block, just below the exhaust manifold. On later engines the number is stamped on a label fastened to the block, just above the fuel injection pump.

What your engine number means ...

Three systems of engine numbering have been used by Perkins.

1: On very early engines (1960's) the engine number consisted of seven digits as follows :

Engine type
Typical number

The first two digits of the engine number remained constant, so for example if yours starts with 71... then you have a 4.107. The remainder digits are the engine number.

2: With later engines (up to mid 1970's), the engine number also included letters:

Engine TypeTypical Number

This time the first three digits remained constant and represent the capacity of the engine in cubic inches. 'U' means that it was built in the UK and the remainder digits are the engine number.

3: From the mid 1970's Perkins moved to their current numbering system, which can consist of up to fifteen numbers and letters, a typical number being ED201381U513308D

ED is the code for a 4.108 (EB for 4.107, JD for 4.203, LD for 4.236,LF for 4.248 and AA for phaser 1004)

201381 is the build code (parts list number)

U means that it was built in the UK (nearly all were)

513308 is the engine serial number

D means that it was built in 1977. The table below shows other build date codes used for all Perkins engines ...

A - 1974H - 1981S - 1988A - 1995
B - 1975J - 1982T - 1989B - 1996
C - 1976K - 1983U - 1990C - 1997
D - 1977L - 1984V - 1991D - 1998
E - 1978M - 1985W - 1992E/F - 1999
F - 1979N - 1986X - 1993G - 2000
G - 1980P - 1987Y - 1994ETC.


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